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Artificial Intelligence: future in building sector 1

Artificial Intelligence: future in building sector

by Carlo Cattero About 7 percent of global workforce is employed in building sector. The total value of spending in branch is 10 trillion dollars per annum (McKinsey, 2017). Many other sector have used AI and other innovative technologies to increase their productivity; in contrast building sector has increased little or nothing in comparison. Global building sector has grown by only 1% per year over the past few decades. Even worse if we compare this with a growth rate of 3.6 percent in the industrial production sector and 2.8 percent of the entire world economy. Productivity, or total economic production per worker, has remained substantially unchanged in construction. In comparison, it has grown by 1500 percent in retail, manufacturing and agriculture since 1945. One of principal reasons of this phenomenon is due to the fact that construction represent one of the most under-digitized industries in the world, as well as very slow in the adoption of new technologies (McKinsey, 2017). In general, the adoption of a new technology can be discouraging for teamwork, but the Machine Learning and AI are helping to make workplaces more efficient with significant saving in the process. AI solutions that have proved disruptive in other sectors, however, are slowly starting to emerge in the construction sector as well. But what are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is an aggregative term to describe when a machine duplicates some human cognitive functions, such as a problem solving, pattern recognition or learning. Machine Learning is a subset of AI which uses statistical techniques to give IT systems the ability to "learn" from data, without being explicitly programmed. A machine improves in understanding and providing insights when it is fed with more data. McKinsey, a multinational strategic consultant, predicts that the spread of AI in construction sector will be modest in the near future (McKinsey, 2018), however, a change is on the horizon. The subjects involved in the sector, in fact, can no longer afford to see the AI as relevant only if it refers to other sectors. Engineering and construction will have to get in line with AI's methods and applications and this is the...

Superstile at #LeMans24 with the sweatshirt of Scuderia Corsa Ferrari USA team 2

Superstile at #LeMans24 with the sweatshirt of Scuderia Corsa Ferrari USA team

Eyes on Ferrari 488 in the historic 24h which takes place annually at the Circuit de la Sarthe in France On the weekend of 15-16 June the most difficult and famous endurance race in the world will take place on the Sarthe circuit: the 2019 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans will close the Super Season 2018-2019 of the FIA WEC World Endurance Championship. The legendary challenge, now in its 87th edition, will see eleven Ferrari cars lined up at the start, out of sixty-two cars expected at the start to compete for success in their respective classes. Eyes on the Ferrari 488 GTE of WeatherTech Racing team, the fastest in the pre-race test session, with Britain Robert Smith alongside the consolidated duo of Cooper MacNeil and Toni Vilander. We at Superstile also support Ferrari through our customer Scuderia Corsa, the official team of Ferrari USA, who chose us for the creation of customized sweatshirts for the race, after entrusting us with the production of the Team's uniforms participating in the Challenge Ferrari USA. For Team Owner, Giacomo Mattioli, the invitation to Le Mans proves once again that Scuderia Corsa is placed among the top global competitors. «The opportunity to compete in the most famous sport car race in the world is a great honor - said Mattioli -. Debuting in 2015 with a podium, and winning the following years was a dream come true. Coming back with a solid lineup of riders who have all been successful at Le Mans at the wheel of a Ferrari, only increases to the awareness of being part of a winning team and the desire to achieve important results ». Speed, quality, precision - the values of Scuderia Corsa - are also a source of inspiration for our daily work, in which respect for time and quality of customization are the elements to recognize a supply that makes a difference....